Introducing LeadLoom

LeadLoom uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to find patterns in data hundreds of times faster and more efficiently than manual analysis – and then optimizes your lead-assignment process for maximum conversions. The result? Up to 20% better close rates on the same exact leads.

Advanced Analytics

With LeadLoom’s dynamic lead scoring, you can determine true Salesperson WAR (Wins Above Replacement) – no more arguing about “he/she gets all of the easy leads”.

  • Transposition Module allows you to take Saleperson A’s leads and calculate how many more/less conversions Salesperson B would have had.
  • Build Salesperson-specific “Roster Cards” – what types of leads do they perform above average with? Below average? Where does their true Difficulty-Adjusted Performance lie?
  • How should you adjust your marketing for better team performance? LeadLoom takes the sum-total Comparative Advantages of your team and helps you tailor your marketing for better lead-to-sales team matching.

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